Health Thru Yoga

"Today I have taught you, my devotee and friend, that ancient science of yoga, the secret of the highest blessings for mankind."
  - Bhagavad Gita

  -- no experience necessary; work at your
     own pace; try a first class for only $7
  -- sensitive to limitations of age, illness,
  -- offerings for fitness, vinyasa, meditation,
     restorative, flow, Ayurveda/Panchakarma,
     family yoga, workplace yoga, nutrition
  -- therapeutic yoga for autism, Downs,
     MS, ADD, injury, migraine, pre/post-natal
  -- benefits of yoga include: strength,
     balance, posture and alignment,
     enhanced breathing, stress relief
  -- studio is room temp, not hot YOGA
  -- discount for seniors, students, military
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Health Thru Yoga Studio, 3926 Willow Avenue, Castle Shannon, PA 15234    412-292-5167