Lotions, Linen/Body Sprays, Scrubs and Soaks

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All-Natural Hand/Body Sugar Scrub                       8 oz. - $6.50

Naturally exfoliates and removes oils and toxins from your hands, feet, elbows or other rough areas.

Contains: sugar, sweet almond, apricot kernel, pomace olive and jojoba oils, aloe vera and pure pink grapefruit essential oil.



All-Natural Allergy and Sinus Linen/Body Spray                4 oz. - $5         8 oz. - $9

Sprayed directly on your linens or chest, naturally eases and relieves nasal passage inflammation, cold congestion and seasonal allergies.  This spray goes a very long way due to the micro-mister.

Contains: distilled water, witch hazel, pure eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.



The items listed below are available in the following scents:  chamomile*, green tea, honeysuckle, hyacinth, lavender*, lilac, lily of the valley, powder fresh, vanilla, vanilla-musk, Victorian rose and waterfall mist.  See below for descriptions.


Bath Soak                  8 oz. - $5

This mixture, run under warm water, will provide you with a lovely scent with all the qualities a bath provides.  Will cleanse your skin and pores and will leave you with a smoother, softer skin.  Lavender and chamomile naturally supports better skin health and stress relief. 

Contains: Epsom salts, baking soda and pure essential or fragrance oils.



Linen/Body Spray                 4 oz. - $5         8 oz. - $8

Spray directly on your linens, chest or wrists.  Lavender and chamomile possess relaxation and stress relieving qualities.  This spray goes a very long way due to the micro-mister. 

Contains: distilled water, witch hazel, pure essential or fragrance oils.



Alcohol-Free Hand and Body Lotion                      8 oz. $7.50

A great thicker moisturizing hand and body lotion that is very smooth, non-greasy and alcohol-free. Unscented also available.

Contains: glycerin base, glycol monostearate, isopropyl myristate and palmitate, aloe vera extract, pure almond oil, pure coconut oil, distilled water and pure essential or fragrance oils.



Scent descriptions

Chamomile* -- possesses a light, clean floral scent; promotes deep relaxation and tranquility, relieves stress and supports skin health.  Pure natural essential oil.

Green Tea – a light, crisp, clean oriental scent.

Honeysuckle – light, very sweet scent, may attract butterflies.

Hyacinth – very fragrant and sweet scent.

Lavender* -- possesses a clean, pure aroma; also encourages balance for the nervous system, relieves stress and anxiety and great for sunburns and insect bites.  Pure natural essential oil.

Lilac – fragrant, spring like scent of fresh lilacs.

Lily of the Valley – sharp, spring-like sweet scent.

Powder Fresh – fresh scent of baby powder.

Vanilla – sweet, warm scent.

Victorian rose – delicious rose scent.

Waterfall Mist – very fresh scent with a hint of floral bouquet – “rain” like.

                *Bath Soak and linen/body spray are all natural.