What is YOGA?

Yoga is a Sanskrit term (the language of the Indian culture) meaning "a union" or "to unite". The type of Yoga that you will learn here and the term used to describe it is " " which means balance. To exercise with yoga means to work the Whole Mind, Body, and Soul in Union and Balance.

In practicing yoga, there are certain postures that are performed. These postures are known as "Asanas". Asanas stretch and strengthen the muscles and work beneath the layers of skin and muscle. Asanas stimulate internal organs such as the stomach and regions of the digestive tract. By performing the simple inverted Asanas, gentle and subtle pressure is placed on the thyroid gland, which helps stimulate metabolism and energy.

Some of the benefits of Yoga:

How is Yoga used for wellness? There is a reason that your body feels pain and discomfort—The ache is a cry for attention. As Yoga engages your muscles, thoughts, feelings, and attitudes, it enhances your health by releasing tension and tightness in your muscles. Harmful emotions and painful feelings that can lead to illness or dis-ease are alleviated by releasing the underlying causes rather than just the physical symptoms. There is no separation between the physical body and the mental attitude.

Yoga is not a workout, yet it is a "work within". Whether it is ones intention or not, one cannot ignore the deeper inner awareness that occurs. Physical coordination and better mental focus occur without any strain to the body. An old proverb states, "If you do not make time for wellness, you will have to make time for illness". Yoga is a truly natural and pleasant way to heal body, mind, and soul!

YOGA is a complete "Science of Life" that originated in India many thousands of years ago. It is the oldest system of personal development in the world, encompassing body, mind and spirit.

The ancient yogis had a profound understanding of man's essential nature and of what he needs to live in harmony with himself and his environment. They perceived the physical body as a vehicle, with the mind as the driver, the soul man's true identity and action, emotion, and intelligence as the three forces which pull the body-vehicle.

In order for there to be integrated development these three forces must be in balance. Taking into account the interrelationship between body and mind, they formulated a unique method for maintaining this balance—a method that combines all the movements you need for physical health with the breathing and meditation techniques that ensure Peace of Mind.

Once you bring your mind and thoughts under control there is NO LIMIT to what you can do! Only OUR OWN illusions & preconceptions hold us back and prevent us from fulfilling ourselves!

YOGA gives you the access to your maximum potential! It allows a synergy of stillness through meditation and breath awareness, and at the same time offers a physical challenge!

YOGA teaches us to live in harmony with all of our body, achieving balance inside of us and outside of us! It will free you of habitual defenses and allow you to face life with greater poise, openness and awareness of each "moment's" reality!

YOGA is a refreshing anecdote to a busy, stressful life and a means to begin loving yourself.

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