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Hi! I'm Lesli


I'm the Founder of Health Thru Yoga

& the Singing Yogi

HEALTH THRU YOGA is the name chosen by Lesli Kotloski, founder and director, to describe the way in which a student can achieve health. This title incorporates the importance of yoga as a way of life and the importance of wellness through meditation, breathing, conscious eating, and positive thoughts and actions.

OUR MISSION is to provide thorough and accurate teachings of the philosophies of yoga, thereby bringing knowledge and awareness to a student of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical practice. Health Thru Yoga encourages students to acquire optimum health and well being and to bring that consciousness through ourselves to our community and our world. Health Thru Yoga promotes the growth of our inner selves to serve our higher consciousness; to eat, speak and think in a way that embraces and radiates health, compassion, love and serving others. 

Explore Yoga With Me

Lesli Kotloski, Director Lesli began Health Thru Yoga in August of 1997 following her recovery from a life threatening disease. The healing benefits of yoga helped Lesli to become well and inspired her to teach and share its lessons with others. Lesli's vibrant personality and love of poetry, art, and music create classes that flow with imagery, learning, and humor. She combines intelligent instruction with imagination to inform and inspire students. Lesli is passionate about health as the union of body, mind and spirit. As an experienced yoga teacher, she focuses on the spiritual, mental, and physical dimensions of yoga and she illustrates lessons with creative examples of everyday life.  

     Lesli's academic background is grounded in metaphysics as a student of Religious Science and Health Education at the University of Michigan. Lesli studied yoga at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in South Fallsburg, New York. She has studied with numerous highly-regarded teachers of many different styles of yoga, and still continues her studies, participating in workshops and studying from books and teaching her weekly classes.  In the twenty plus years that Lesli has been practicing yoga, she has completed more than 50,000 hours of teacher training. 

For an in-depth explanation of how Lesli teaches, and what influences have informed her style, click on her picture.   For some of Lesli's favorite quotes, affirmations and poems, click on the scroll.

Why Should you choose Health Thru Yoga
There are several different styles of yoga, and HTY incorporates many of them. Life offers many choices to us, and here are some facets of HTY and our teachings:

Choosing Health Thru Yoga and Wholeness

  • The Use of Props - props are an integral part of yoga 
        - Assists the student in entering poses 
        - Helps students remain in the poses for increased benefit 
        - Reduces discomfort in the poses

  • The Personal Attention 
        - Addresses students' pains, issues, and fears 
        - Alterations in poses for injuries or physical conditions

  • The Versatility in the Classes 
        - Provides variety to the classes 
        - Benefits both beginning and advanced students 
        - Adapts to the seasons, students, and the energy in the room

  • Our Anatomical Knowledge 
        - Safely address students' physical needs, pains, & injuries 
        - Educates the student on the benefits of certain poses and actions 
        - Provides poses to address particular needs due to injury or discomfort in the body

  • Our Experience - HTY has been around and will stay around 
        - Lesli has been teaching in the Pittsburgh South Hills area since 1995 and practicing since 1990
        - Franciscan Spirit & Life Center 
        - HCR Manor Care
        - Elementary and high schools
        - Adult education
        - Summer camps
        - Musical theatre groups
        - Retreats at Deep Creek and Seven Springs Resort  
        - Privates 

Why Health Thru Yoga is More!

At HTY, we provide our students more than "just an exercise class."  You will learn how to breathe, meditate, and reduce stress. The reason that we are here is to provide you with the tools to live a healthier and less stress-full life. We hope to see you in class!


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