Course of study to become a yoga instructor

This course consists of 30 hours of private, one-on-one instruction, 10 hours of student teaching, and a 2-hr. oral examination, culminating in certification (with letter of recommendation) that the student is a qualified yoga instructor. It is also an ideal course for anyone wanting to explore yoga to a greater depth of meaning for their personal life.

Expected time for completion is approximately five months. Prerequisite to (or concurrent with) this training is completion of 60 hours of Health-thru-Yoga classes.

Learning Outcomes

During the 60 hours of classes, the student must learn through observation:

  • correct alignment and form of asanas

  • physical benefits of asanas

  • Sanskrit names of asanas

  • Correct breathing with asanas

  • utilization of props for proper alignment and alleviation of discomfort 

  • sensitivity to the issues and needs of individual students

  • correct ways of assisting, speaking to, and interacting with students

  • how to give positive feedback and encouragement

  • how to demonstrate and participate in asanas as an instructor

During the 30 hours of private instruction the student will learn:

  • basics of anatomy and physiology

  • spiritual concepts of the Indian yoga tradition

  • Sanskrit language and yoga philosophy

  • refinement of proper alignment for asanas

During the 10 hours of student teaching the student will spend:

  • 5 hours assisting the instructor with proper alignment and stretch in a regular class

  • 5 hours teaching a regular class with subsequent feedback from the trainer

Advantages of the Health-thru-Yoga instructor training program

Most yoga schools require students to stay at the training site for a month or more, whereas the Health-thru-Yoga training is local, offering:

  • minimal disruption of lifestyle (home, family, work, schedule) 

  • avoidance of cost for travel, room and board, materials

  • avoidance of dormitory living 

  • flexible length of time to complete the course

  • one-on-one training

  • prior established compatibility with the trainer

  • graduated payments over the length of the course

Persons interested in this training should contact Lesli for more information.

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