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Dosha Consultation

​Ayurveda (pronounced ah-yer-vay-da) is the Sanskrit term for science of life and is the oldest healing science that originated in India more than 5,000 years ago.  Ayurveda is the mother of all healing.

Ayurveda places great emphasis on prevention and encourages the maintenance of health through close attention to balance in one's life along with right thinking, diet, lifestyle, and the use of herbs.

Knowledge of Ayurveda enables you to understand how to create balance of body, mind, and consciousness; according to your individual constitution or Dosha.  Nature manifests through the five elements: ether (space), air, fire, water, and earth.  Each element swirls around either inside or outside of us.  The five elements combine in twos to create these "forces" known as doshas or constitutions.  These 3 doshas determine our conditions of growth, aging, health, and disease.

To learn more, arrange a consultation.  One hour consultation includes follow up worksheets and recommendations. 

Contact Lesli at (412) 292 -5167 or via email at with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

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