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Mandi C.

It was no accident that I was introduced to Health Thru Yoga a couple years ago; it was just what I needed, when I needed it. As my yoga teacher, Lesli has guided me physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am so grateful that yoga and my yoga family are now a vital part of an overall healthy lifestyle that I try to live everyday.

Cheryl G.

For more than a decade, Health Thru Yoga/Lesli have been a major factor in my health and wellness journey. Throughout my life, I've enjoyed group exercise programs. A colleague recommended Lesli and I was immediately impressed with the small class size and the individual attention that Lesli offered. While I had taken yoga before, Lesli helped me realize and feel the total benefit of transition and flow from one pose to another. I was delighted to learn ways to modify poses based on my capabilities and or particular body aches or injuries. I have had several major surgeries and several broken bones and Lesli has offered me individualized meditation and pose modification during my healing time. In every class, Lesli may be challenging one student who is ready for advanced poses and flow, concurrent with showing another student how to modify. The emphasis is on HEALTH, body, mind and spirit. Personally, I feel physically and mentally stronger and mentally as a direct result of Lesli's teachings and guidance.

Pat P.

Lesli has been my yoga teacher for almost 20 years. Her unique approach combines a mind, body, spirit connection which resonates with me on a cellular level. The Health Thru Yoga studio is a warm, inviting haven for like minded students.  

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